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The Healthy Coat pH Face and Body Cat Shampoo can be used on the face and/or the body. Developed by award winning Persian breeder Laura Thomas, this shampoo is great for removing dirt and gunk, while leaving the coat oh so shiny and soft. It is one of the most versatile shampoos in the Anna line, which may explain why it's so popular among professional breeders.Good for all coat colors and textures!

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Cat Shampoo - Tearless and Gentle

Perhaps the most versatile of the Anna cat shampoos, our Healthy Coat pH Face and Body Shampoo can be used at any time during the bath and as often as you like. It's super-gentle like baby shampoo yet still great for removing gunk and dirt. It's also the same shampoo we include with our popular Tear Stain Remover Trio.

  • Ideal for both dilute and dominant colors
  • Ideal for both silk and cotton coats
  • Adds shine to fur
  • Can be used any time, as often as you like with no ill effects
  • Ideal for use near sensitive areas like the face and around the eyes
  • Safe for Adults and Kittens
  • Gentle and Tear-less like a baby shampoo


Additional features:

  • Our most popular shampoo among breeders
  • Detergent and chemical free
  • Rinsing required

With longhaired breeds, the best way to make certain you’ve rinsed thoroughly is to observe the fur’s behavior once the cat has finished drying. If there is no bounce or sway to the fur when the cat walks, you didn’t rinse enough.

Customer Reviews

THE BEST Review by Kim Bowen
I LOVE this shampoo! I use it before I show and mid week weekly while I am showing on the entire body. Since I started using this shampoo I have found my ruff and butt area stays white and bright. Excellent shampoo especially for whites and light colored cats. I have shared this shampoo with many breeder friends who also love it. (Posted on 5/2/2013)

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