Breeder Sample Kits - Tear Stain Remover

breeder kits - tear stain trio


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Breeder Sample Kits - Tear Stain Remover is available for purchase in increments of 1

This item is not SOLD to the public. You must already be a customer in order for us to ship this product to you. These are SAMPLES- one time use, not for personal use, only as giveaways. If you order this product without first trying the actual product or already being a current registered customer, we will refund you.

This product is for BREEDERS: Breeder Sample Kits - Tear Stain Remover: include one of these Tear Stain Remover Breeder Kits whenever you sell one of your kittens. These kits allow you to go above and beyond just telling your buyers what you use to groom your prize-winning kittens; now you can give them a physical sample to take with them and show all of their friends. This breeder kit includes a $5.00 off coupon for your kitten's new owners so they can purchase the full size Tear Stain Trio (since this sample kit does not contain enough of each product to remove tear stains by itself.) We'll give you a discount too for referring your buyers to us!

  • Kit contains 10 3-piece sample-sized tear stain remover trios (1 kit per kitten)
  • Intended purely as a sample to introduce new kitten owners to the Anna line - will NOT remove tear stains on its own (for this you need the full size trio)
  • Gives you discounts off future Anna purchases for your referral efforts

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If you're a breeder, you're probably used to getting asked what you feed your cats and kittens, and what type of kitty litter you use. You may have even already been asked what types of grooming supplies you use and where you can purchase them. If not, it's bound to happen sooner or later, so why not prepare yourself with these 10 tear stain trio breeder sample kits. Each kit contains a sample-size Anna Designer Natural Pet Tear Stain Remover Trio and one $5 off coupon your buyers can use here at Purrinlot or at Castle Baths to purchase Anna products. Since these sample-sized trios don't contain anywhere near enough of each product to actually remove tear stains (they are only samples after all - meant to introduce buyers to the Anna line), they'll want to use their coupon as soon as possible.

You may also wish to give your buyers a printed copy or link to our Tear Stain Trio White Paper so they can learn the proper way to use their full-size trio once they order it.

NOTE: Because these breeder kits are intended to be given out as gifts to new kitten owners, they are non-refundable.

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