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Anna Designer Natural Pet Extended DVD and Pet Shampoo Special

Product Review (submitted on September 12, 2016):
I got it! I wasn't able to open it until late last night and have only been able to watch your first and the show dvd's but love them. Both of your calico cats were gorgeous! I have a soft spot for them since my baby girl is a calico as well.

My cream and white loved the first dvd's and first sat next to me watching it and then had to move next to the tv. He was completely captivated. Later, I realized Karoly had also been watching it but more covertly. Karoly rolled on her back under the tv during the show dvd. It warmed my heart how they knew this was all for them!

I'm glad I have a better understanding of floating the coat. It does wonders to see it vs. reading about it.

Do you still suggest for people to use the hot oil treatment?

Thank you very much for making these dvd's.