Anna Pet Tear Stain Remover - Anna Designer Natural Pet - Large Trio

Castle Baths Anna tear stain remover

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Has the fur around your cat's eyes become laced with unsightly streaks of red or brown?

Eye discharge, also called tear staining, is a common problem, especially in longhaired breeds such as Persians. But if it's so common, why do all the tear stain remover products you've found so far say they're for dogs? Will they work on cats? Are they safe? The Anna Designer Pet Tear Stain Trio is one of the first natural tear stain removers on the market to be formulated specifically for cats. Created by award-winning Purrinlot Persian cat breeder Laura Thomas, the Anna Tear Stain Remover Trio has become one of the most popular tear stain removers for both cats and dogs around the world! Why? Simple... IT WORKS!!!

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