Grooming Face Powder - 4 oz Show Size - Anna Designer Natural Pet

cat grooming powder


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Our smaller container of grooming face powder to help cover and brighten tear stains on cats faces- perfect size to carry to the show, or buy 2- one for cattery and one for the house. This is not a liquid- it is 100% powder. Our larger version can be found here- Grooming Powder 8 oz grooming powder

  • Non-liquid solution for removing stains from fur
  • Chemical and antibiotic free
  • For use only on fur, not in eyes

This powder is used as a cover up over stains (like powdered eye shadow makeup) while it does its deep work extracting the stains from the hair shafts. It also works to protect from new stains, as the tears roll over and off instead of sinking into the hair shafts to oxidize.

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