Face Wash- Tear Stain Remover - Anna Designer Natural Pet 12oz

face wash- tear stain remover

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Developed by award-winning Persian cat breeder Laura Thomas, the Anna Designer Natural Pet Face Wash is formulated to reduce and remove tear stains safely and naturally, not by bleaching or trying to hide the stain but by actually drawing the stain out of your cat's hair follicles layer by layer with the help of our other two Tear Stain Remover Trio products: our face shampoo and grooming powder. You'll definitely need all three, especially for tough, old stains, but the Face Wash is the component you'll likely use the most since you can use it every day and even multiple times per day. This convenient 12 oz refill size face wash is perfect for stocking up before a trip, cat show, or simply making sure you never run out!

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