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For the health and safety of your Persian or other longhair, it is strongly recommended that you don't use your finger to apply the Anna Designer Pet Grooming Powder. Instead, use this cat grooming brush to expertly apply powder exactly where its needed, and nowhere where it isn't. This will not only help keep your cats safe from germs that may be lingering on your fingers, but also reduce fly away powder so your grooming powder will be more effective and last longer.

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A properly groomed cat is a work of art!

Applying grooming powder to a cat is more of an art than a craft or science. So, naturally, as an artist, you'll want to use the proper brush to groom your Persian or other longhaired cat into a masterpiece. This professional quality cat grooming brush is made from wood and aluminum, and its bristles are made from pony and sable hair to make this brush long-lasting and with minimal bristle shedding. Its long handle makes precision application of your Anna Designer Natural Pet Grooming Powder easier than ever!

  • STERILE AND HYPOALLERGENIC - This brush comes individually wrapped to ensure that it is free of germs and contaminants. Using the face brush with the powder will help keep your powder cleaner and fresher longer.
  • LONG LASTING, SHED RESISTANT - The bristles on this brush are made from natural pony and sable hair, both of which are long lasting and resistant to shedding so you won't have to pick bristles out of your cat's fur when you're done.
  • SAVES FLYAWAY POWDER - This brush is designed to pick up and hold powder so you can apply your Anna Designer Pet Grooming Powder exactly where it's needed and nowhere that it doesn't belong, thereby reducing the amount of powder that goes to waste during each use, not to mention helping to eliminate powder in eyes.
  • HELPS REMOVE TEAR STAINS FASTER - This brush helps work your grooming powder far deeper into the fur than you could reach with an ordinary washcloth, brush, or your fingers, thereby delivering more powder right where it needs to go to draw out stains from each hair shaft. The more precise the application of the powder = the sooner you will see stains disappear.

Grooming Brush Specifications:

  • Measures 6 inches (152.4 mm)
  • Handle is made of wood and aluminum
  • Bristles are made from pony and sable hair

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