Cleansing Face Wash Applicator Pad

face wash applicator pad for cats


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Tired of picking tiny shreds of cotton out of your cats' fur after using cotton to wipe their faces? These disposable, gentle, sterile applicator pads are made from a mix of non cotton, yet soft and gently textured, to minimize shedding - perfect for working our Anna Designer Natural Pet Face Wash deeper into your cat's fur without causing irritation.

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The lint-free, hypoallergenic, ultra-sanitary face wash solution cleansing pad you & your cat have been waiting for!

Disposable, sterile, and individually wrapped, these gentle facial cleansing applicator pads are the perfect solution for working our Anna Designer Pet Face Wash deeper into your cat's fur without causing irritation or shedding like cotton pads and wipes so often do. Measuring perfectly in diameter, each applicator pad is large enough to hold comfortably yet small enough to use near sensitive areas like around the eyes. This pack of 100 pads is surely a must-have for any professional groomer, breeder, or cat show exhibitor (or really anyone who cares about keeping their cats properly bathed and groomed.)

  • WON'T SHED LINT OR GET INTO EYES - These pads are made from special rayon mixed fibers to keep them from shedding lint, which could otherwise get into your cat's eyes and scratch the cornea, causing the eyes to ulcerate.
  • ULTRA SANITARY AND HYPOALLERGENIC - Each pad is disposable, completely sterile, and individually wrapped to ensure that no germs come into contact with your cat or your face wash when the bottle is in use. Washcloths, on the other hand, may contain residual, allergy-stimulating detergent from your washing machine.
  • WASTES LESS PRODUCT - The waffle-like texture of these cleansing pads absorbs and retains your face wash differently than a cotton ball or wash cloth would. Instead of being absorbed into the pad, the face wash stays on the pad's surface, allowing you to use less product while working the face wash deeper into your cat's fur.
  • ONE PENNY PER PAD - For only $10.00 you get 100 individually wrapped, sterile applicator pads. That's only $0.01 per pad! If you're still using washcloths, you probably spend more than that just for laundry detergent!

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