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This DVD is the same cat bath routine as seen on the Hollywood Purr-fect Bath DVD - but this is the original home recording award-winning Persian cat breeder Laura Thomas made in her kitchen. The video quality is not as crisp as the professional Purr-fect Bath DVD, but it's still just as informative.

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Original DVD - How to bathe a cat

This cat bath DVD is the original recording Laura made in her kitchen to teach you how to groom your Persian or other longhair cat. In this video, Laura bathes a calico. It's like having your own personal expert cat grooming consultant in your home sharing her professional tips and tricks at every step of the bathing process!

  • AVOID THE "LION CUT" - Many breeders shave their longhair cats into what is known as the "lion cut" - with the face, paws and tail left long while the rest of the body is buzzed short. But if you plan to show, this isn't an option. Laura will show you how to care for your kitty's coat so that shaving does not become necessary.
  • THIS BATH DVD - is Laura's original Hollywood DVD, it has all the same steps as Hollywood, with the exception of this one was self recorded instead of professional. The advantage to this low budget video is all the content Laura talks about over and about the Hollywood filming. The Hollywood DVD  is very detailed, and exceptional!
  • LEARN PROPER DEGREASING STEP BY STEP - Laura shares her step-by-step process for how to properly degrease and cleanse a Persian or other longhair cat without stripping the fur or losing its soft, silky look and feel.
  • IT'S ALL ABOUT THE COAT TYPE - In this video, Laura bathes a calico and explains how the genetics of dominant, dilute, and white coat color affect how well your kitty cleans up during the bath.
  • BANISH KNOTS AND MATS - Laura shows you how to prevent your kitty's fur from becoming matted or tangled and some of the best grooming tools on the market that you will need for regular upkeep.

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