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Want to see those tough, old tear stains disappear faster? The Anna Designer Natural Pet Facial Grooming Powder is our secret for speeding up the tear stain removal process, especially on highly visible stains that have lingered on your cat's face for far too long and built up hundreds of layers of stain. Our grooming powder works its way inside each stained hair follicle and pushes the deepest layers of stain outward so they can be wiped away easily.

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The faster, safer way to stain free faces! Sifted so fine, Its amazing!

Developed by award-winning Persian cat breeder Laura Thomas, the Anna Designer Pet Facial Grooming Powder is the secret ingredient to our popular Tear Stain Remover Trio - penetrating each hair follicle without stripping or damaging your cat's fur and pushing the deepest layers of stain outward so they can be wiped away. Our grooming powder fights tear stains at their source and also acts as a protective covering against new stains by helping tears roll off your cat's hair follicles rather than being absorbed into them. It is formulated exclusively from natural, organic, and wild-crafted ingredients to allow your cat's hair and skin to breathe (yes, fur needs oxygen too) while also brightening fur like makeup so your cat's face is prettier.

  • ACTS LIKE MAKEUP SO YOUR CAT'S FACE LOOKS FLAWLESS - In addition to drawing out tear stains, our grooming powder acts like makeup, covering and/or diminishing any visible imperfections on your cat's face so your cat can look flawless in the ring, at home, or anywhere!
  • PROTECTS AGAINST NEW TEAR STAINS - Our grooming powder can help protect your cat's fur from new stains by coating the hair follicles near your cats tear ducts so that tears roll off the follicles rather than sink into them.
  • SPEEDS UP THE TEAR STAIN REMOVAL PROCESS - Tear stains form in layers. The older and more pronounced the stain, the more layers it has. Our face wash, when used alone, only removes one layer of stain per application so using nothing but the face wash to remove stains may take a while. Our grooming powder speeds up the tear stain removal process tremendously by working its way inside each hair follicle and pushing the deepest layers of stain outward so they can be more easily wiped away the next time you apply the face wash.
  • CHEMICAL AND ANTIBIOTIC FREE - Our grooming powder is formulated with only natural, organic, and wild-crafted ingredients so you don't need to worry about antibiotics harming your cat's liver or chemicals getting near your cat's eyes. Do try to avoid getting any powder in the eyes though.

Laura's Tips: Applying your grooming powder

Be sure to pat your cat's face dry with a cloth or tissue before applying the Grooming Powder. Otherwise, the powder and Face Wash will blend into a gravy-like consistency and smear all over your cat's face. The best way to apply the grooming powder to your cat's face is with one of our professional quality grooming powder brushes, as this will allow it to work into the various layers of the hair. Since human skin is naturally oily, using your finger to apply the powder is not recommended, and using a cotton ball or swab will only apply the powder to the outer layer of the hair. Powder goes and stays where it belongs!

Also, be sure to not get any powder in your cat's eyes!

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Perfect combo with face wash Review by Tom I
I could not do without the face wash and powder for my white cats! Love your products! (Posted on 9/6/2016)

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