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Cat Bath DVD with Cat Shampoo


With this cat shampoo and conditioner DVD gift set you not only receive this professionally recorded cat bath tutorial, The Purr-fect Bath, featuring award-winning Purrinlot Persian breeder Laura Thomas, you also receive a 6 oz Healthy Coat pH Shampoo and 6 oz Healthy Coat pH Conditioner from the breeder-preferred and veterinarian-referred Anna Designer Pet grooming supply line. You may think you already know all about Persian cat grooming but wait until you see the tips and tricks Laura reveals in this cat bath DVD!

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Groom your cat like a pro - shampoo included!

What could be better than having your own personal expert cat grooming consultant in your home, sharing professional tips and tricks at every step of the bathing process? How about having your own personal consultant plus an included bottle of Healthy Coat pH Cat Shampoo and Cat Conditioner from the breeder-referred Anna Designer Pet grooming supply line? In this cat shampoo and conditioner DVD gift set award-winning Persian breeder Laura Thomas shares the edxact same bath routine she used for her national winners and grand champions, offering tips and tricks you likely would never have thought to try when bathing a longhair cat.

  • BANISH KNOTS AND MATS - The best way to deal with knots and mats is to keep them from forming in the first place. Laura shows you how to prevent your kitty's fur from becoming tangled and the best grooming tools on the market for keeping your kitty knot-free.
  • IT'S ALL ABOUT THE COAT TYPE - Does your kitty have dominant or dilute ocloring? What about white fur? Laura explains the genetics of coat coloring and how it can make a difference in how your longhair cats clean up during a bath.
  • LEARN TO DEGREASE PROPERLY - Laura shares her tips on proper degreasing so you can keep your Persian or other longhair clean without stripping the fur or losing that coveted silky coat feel.
  • AVOID THE "LION CUT" - If you plan to show your cats, shaving them into what is commonly referred to as the "lion cut" isn't an option. Learn how to condition your cat's fur so shaving won't be necessary.
  • SHAMPOO AND CONDITIONER INCLUDED! - You won't have to wait for your shampoo to arrive before you can start your tutorial. It's included right alongside this DVD so you can start bathing your longhair cat the right way immediately!

Additional info:

  • Includes 6 oz Anna Designer Pet Healthy Coat pH Cat Shampoo
  • Includes 6 oz Anna Designer Pet Healthy Coat pH Cat Conditioner
  • DVD screen size: 4:3 (standard)
  • DVD run time: 44 min 36 sec
  • DVD formatted for playback on DVD players and computers

Customer Reviews

purrfect Review by Kaki2
Thanks for making these incredible videos. Although I have shown dogs for several years, I recently acquired my first show cat. Your videos have been a great help to me in learning how to prepare my sweet girl for the show ring. I can't wait to hit the road and put my new skills to the test.


Ps. I love your grooming products. They have a very mild smell, don't make my kitty's eyes water, and leave her coat looking great.
(Posted on 8/30/2016)

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